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Declaration of Intent to establish EURAPAG

During XV World Congress of Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology in São Paulo, Brazil, 8th of May 2007, a separate meeting of European participants proposed to establish a European Association of Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology – EURAPAG. The Association shall comprise engaged with paediatric and adolescent gynaecology European national societies, groups or individual gynaecologists, paediatricians or other professionals on paediatric and adolescent gynaecology.

The place of foundation and registration of EURAPAG, on historical reasons, was proposed to be settled in Prague, Czech Republic.

Minutes of meeting of European participants

The following preparatory group for foundation of EURAPAG was asked to prepare a proposition of EURAPAG STATUTES:

  • Prof. Jan HOREJSI, MD, DrSc,Prague, Czech Republic; FIGIJ Board Member
  • Dr. med. Marlene HEINZ, Berlin, Germany; FIGIJ Board Member
  • Ass. Prof. Efthimios Deligeoroglou, MD, Athens, Greece
  • Ass. Prof. Tamas CSERMELY, MD, PhD,IFEPAG, Pécs, Hungary
  • Gabriele TRIDENTI, MD,IFEPAG, Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Zuzana NIZNANSKA, MD, PhD,Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Prof. Deligeoroglou was participating on preparations of Statutes, but as he was not able to participate in Prague Meeting, Panagiotis CHRISTOPOULOS, MD, Athens, Greece; Secretary General of ENTOG was accepted instead of him.


    Foundation of EURAPAG

    Based upon those Statutes the European Association of Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology, the EURAPAG has been founded on 28th March 2008 in Prague, Czech Republic, unanimously by above named colleagues, and with the following authorities:

    Jan HOREJSI,Czech Republic
    President of EURAPAG
    Tamas CSERMELY,Hungary
    Vice-President of EURAPAG
    Zuzana NIZNANSKA, Slovakia
    Treasurer of EURAPAG

    The EURAPAG Statutes were sent for registration to the Ministry of Interior, Czech Republic.

    The official information platform is the EURAPAG website www.eurapag.com

    The official language of EURAPAG is the English.

    The foundation meeting was kindly sponsored by Regional Council of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic.

    Message of the EURAPAG authorities

    Prague, April 4th, 2008
    Dear Colleagues,
    Based on the previous statement we kindly ask for your support and co-operation in the development of EURAPAG, as we kindly invite you to join EURAPAG with your organisation or as the case might be by you yourselves.
    The Statutes you will find here: (Statutes).
    The registered version of EURAPAG Statutes must be approved or might be amended during the Delegates Assembly in St. Petersburg, Russia, on 12th of June 2008. Would you please organize the discussion of these essentials. If you or your National Society of PAG (or colleagues, who interested in PAG) have some requests, comments or propositions of changes, be so very kind and send it to EURAPAG.
    1. If the National Society, group or Section of PAG of your country and/or individual doctors (of a country where no national group does exist) interested in PAG would like to join EURAPAG, they are invited to send a formless application for EURAPAG-membership (acc. Statutes, Article 5, § 5) by post-mail to the EURAPAG address.
    2. For the Delegates Assembly, authorized delegates shall be named by each particular National Society of Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology, or by groups of individual doctors, according to assigned key (as ruled by the Statutes)

    Member Societies representing up to 50 full members
    2 Delegates
    Member Societies representing up to 100 full members
    3 Delegates
    Member Societies representing up to 500 full members
    4 Delegates
    Member Societies representing more than 500 full members
    5 Delegates
    A group of 5 individual members
    1 Delegate

    As delegates must be present at the Delegates Assembly and vote personally, be sure therefore, that assigned delegates from your country will attend the XI. European Congress of PAG in St. Petersburg. The list of delegates together with the number of members of your National Society, approved by the board in question, send according to Statutes Article 7, § 7, must be sent to the EURAPAG address.
    3. For election of the first Executive Committee of EURAPAG, candidates are needed. Be so kind and send your country's proposal (1 person). Individual members from countries in which no National Society exists, may be proposed for elections as well. Please send the Proposals to the EURAPAG address.
    4. The following XII. European Congress of PAG shall take place in the year 2011. If you are interested to organize this congress in your country, you are kindly asked to send your application (according to Statutes, Art. 10, § 2) to the President of EURAPAG by mid May 2008.
    5. We are opening the discussion on the amount of the Membership-fee. This annual fee shall be:
    · for National Societies/Sections/groups related to the number of assigned Delegates:
    50 EUR per each delegate
    · for Individual Members:
    50 EUR per Member
    Note please: All proposals, comments and/or applications according points 1 - 5 are welcomed at the EURAPAG Address untill the 28th of May.

    Applications according questions 1 and 4 must be sent on paper, using post-mail, others you can send by e-mail to any of the authorities of EURAPAG.
    We hope, you will join EURAPAG and thank you very much for your co-operation and help.
    We look forward to seeing you in St. Petersburg, and to welcoming you as a Member of the European Association of Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology
    Prof. Jan Horejší, MD, DrSc,
    President of EURAPAG

    Ass. Prof. Tamas Csermely, MD, PhD,
    EURAPAG Vice President

    Zuzana Niznanska, MD, PhD
    EURAPAG Treasurer

    First Assembly of Delegates during the XI European Congress of PAG, St Petersburg

    The first official Assembly of Delegates of EURAPAG took place during the XI. European Congress of Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology in June, 12th, 2008, in St Petersburg, Russia.www.11europag.org

    First EURAPAG Executive Board

    Jan HOŘEJŠÍ (Czech Republic) – President

    Efthimios DELIGEOROGLOU (Greece) – Vice President

    Tamas CSERMELY (Hungary) - President-Elect

    Milko SIRAKOV (Bulgaria) - Secretary General

    Zuzana NIŽŇANSKÁ (Slovak Republic) – Treasurer

    Gabriele TRIDENTI (Italy) - Scientific Director

    Zana BUMBULIENE (Lithuania) - Deputy Secretary General

    Marlene HEINZ (Germany)

    Elena UVAROVA (Russia)