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Dear Friends,

Milko Sirakov

it is a pleasure and a great honor for me to welcome you on behalf of the Executive Committee of the European Association of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecologists (EURAPAG), established on 15th April 2008. The main scope was to increase the activity of European specialists in PAG and strengthen the input of our subspecialty. Since then, EURAPAG has been an accepted organization and new Member Countries and Individual Members have joined our team. The Executive Committee and all Members are working hard to protect the gynecologic health of young children and adolescents. In addition, EURAPAG has close cooperation with supreme organizations like FIGIJ and EBCOG, as we are in continuous collaboration with them on several major projects.

We all have to keep in mind that much has to be done for the health of the young female generation still. Lot of illnesses affect little girls, adolescents and young adults in our countries even nowadays. Various infectious diseases, endocrine disorders, developmental problems, cycle abnormalities, cancers, unwanted pregnancies or teenage deliveries etc. do occur and influence the gynecological health of girls from birth till the age 19 severely. EURAPAG should be a strong association of all specialists in pediatric and adolescent gynecology all over Europe to help achieving the complete gynecological health of the growing young female generation. Our primary scope is to continue the development of paediatric and adolescent gynaecology in Europe. We would be happy to see our network expanding all over Europe, as we believe that this is very important for our subspecialty. New general PAG training centres could be organized and new National Societies could be established in countries were PAG services are still insufficient.

We all have to work together, cooperate strongly for these titled goals, for which I ask your contribution greatly.

Milko Sirakov
President of EURAPAG


From the President-elect:

Dear friends in PAG

I write this in the glow of the aftermath of the London Congress which was a pleasure to host and which by all accounts was an enjoyable experience to many. The opportunity for champions of PAG throughout Europe and beyond to meet, share knowledge and work together for the common good is always grasped eagerly by yourselves and the XIII European Congress was no exception. I was deeply honoured to be nominated as President-elect and look forward to supporting Milko over the next three years as President as well as the Executive Committee with preparations are already under way for the IV Congress in Vilnius.

One highlight of my last three years in the EURAPAG Executive Board was my participation in the EBCOG Working Party on Standards in Gynaecology. I was delighted that PAG was recognised as being of sufficient relevance to be included in the Working Group and to have its own Chapter in the final publication which as you might already know was presented to the European Parliament this November. This of course is only the start and I hope will result in greater co-operation and development of PAG not just within our own countries but also with EBCOG as a whole. It is now time for us to take the baton and move forward with the standards that have been endorsed, working to bring change where this is needed and encourage other countries who have not embraced PAG through National Societies to do so.

My vision for EURAPAG is for the Association to become increasingly visible and to provide a focus for PAG practice throughout Europe. To this end I believe that the website has an enormous potential for us to share best practice and include Curricula, Guidelines, Protocols, Information Leaflets and other tools for common use. We shall be looking to expand that which the website has to offer to allow not just for improved education and knowledge but a vehicle for dialogue and development. For that we need your contributions. Please send us anything that you believe can usefully be shared. Language should be no object. The more the merrier. In this way we can build on what we have already worked so hard to achieve.

We shall continue to participate in EBCOG meetings and I hope to see many of you at international meetings over the next three years. In the meantime I wish you every happiness for 2015.

Paul Wood